Why Are Men More Likely To Have Abrupt Orgasms?

Man vs woman

The majority of men can agree that their libido level varies from woman to woman. When it comes to the bedroom, a man’s and a woman’s relationship becomes more complex than they realize.

There are many causes that contribute to a men’s and women’s libido level. And what might be different between two men with the same libido is totally different from two women with the same level of libido.

It is a known fact that both men and women have psychological factors that cause them to have different libidos. However, this does not mean that a man and a woman cannot have a strong and intense love for each other. A man’s libido is not higher than a woman’s for everything that matters.

Unlike a man, a woman’s level of sexual desire and arousal is in direct relationship with her level of female sex hormones. These are also controlled by the hormonal level that her body releases from her brain.

Not many men are familiar with the fact that these two chemical hormones determine whether a woman will be sexually excited or not. Women can sense when the hormone levels are lower and when they are high. There are men and women who are capable of experiencing a powerful sex drive even without them.

Not many men are aware of this fact as they do not pay too much attention to their female partners’ sexual desire. They are just too busy concentrating on enjoying the overall act of intimacy.

However, if these two chemicals are lowered in men, then it only proves that they lack intimacy. Without intimacy, it is impossible for men to perform well at the bedroom all the time, and this is something that should not be overlooked. Men have the ability to show their love and their appreciation through their appearance. And the majority of men understand this fact, even though they do not practice it.

Women are the one who understands how to best express their feelings through looks and clothing. This is why they choose to wear sexy outfits and accessories to meet their partners’ expectations.

While men are mainly driven by their desire to satisfy their partners, women are more focused on pleasing themselves and showing their partners how much they love them. It is only natural that their bodies should adjust to their desired level of lustiness in order to fulfill their partners’ demands.

In general, there are many reasons why men are not able to achieve the orgasm that they want. Although men do not get the same level of satisfaction as women, they are capable of achieving orgasms much faster than women.