How Would You Want Sex All the Time? The Right Approach

Woman upset for having sex too often

Wouldn’t it be better to have sex with only the man you like? Would it be better to have sex with a guy you’re attracted to without the pressure of trying to please him? We may never know the answers to these questions, but you can rest assured that they exist.

Sex is a choice. If you feel sexual excitement and desire for one or more people, then sex is a good thing. If it doesn’t feel good, then you don’t want it. There’s no “wrong” way to enjoy it or to make love.

When you ask, “How would you want sex all the time?” keep in mind that you can choose to enjoy it in small doses, where one or two encounters are more than enough. You can take it slow and deep and let the spark fly between the sheets.

But, if you crave a life of casual sex, then you’re not ready to settle down. You need a serious commitment to this type of relationship. That’s fine if you want a one-night stand. If you want a marriage, that’s a different matter.

If you really want to know how would you want sex all the time, then you need to stop thinking about it. Imagine being able to do anything you want without worrying about who would say no. Imagine living without having to live someone else’s rules.

Sex isn’t something that happens by accident. When you decide to pursue a sexual relationship, it’s a decision you make based on your desires. So, how would you want to feel when you have sex? Wouldn’t it be better to feel like you could stop anytime you want and enjoy your fantasies without feeling pressured to do so?

When you see yourself enjoying each moment with the person you want to be with, it will be easy to just relax and let go. Why wouldn’t you want that? It may seem as though you’re making an effort to please him, but the truth is that you’re not.

All the way through sex, the right attitude is very important. You need to know that your body and mind are coming along for the ride. He’s going to let you know what he wants when he feels you are ready for it.

If you ask, “How would you want sex all the time? ,” you’ll find that you actually aren’t that concerned with how it feels.

Once you have come to a place where you understand that men and women want sex all the time, you can enjoy it with less pressure. It’s the kind of attitude that will allow you to relax and let it happen.

Love making is meant to be enjoyed. You don’t have to be worried about making him happy if you know what you want and are willing to follow through. Enjoy it and you’ll see the difference.