How often do men think about sex

To say that some men think about sex all the time is not true. There were spectacular results from research studies conducted a few decades ago that created that misconception. The shocking results said that men think about sex every seven seconds. If you compute how many times in a minute that happens, it amounts to eight. No one can focus their minds on sex that often as they have to think of food, among other concerns.


Recent studies show that men think about sex at least twice to nearly 400 times in a day. But, those results might still be defective as the survey questions might have made any of the males think about sex, and that triggers the thoughts.

There are men that we say have dirty minds. At times, that might be an exaggeration, too.  During typical conversations, these guys would associate nearly anything with sex. There are those men that watch women walk by to trigger their sex dating fantasies. Some men have dirty minds that would make out with a pole if it wore a skirt. Such labeling does not apply to all men, and the term “a dirty mind” may be said in jest or to reject advances.

Sex drive and age

Through the various stages of a man’s life, his sex drive will change. His ability to perform sexual acts might also change. A man’s sexual drive is at the highest level during his teenage years. When a man hits 50, what commonly occurs is that his libido and ability for sexual perform go on a downhill. But, that doesn’t happen to all men, as many are virile and sexually active until they reach the last quarter of their lives.

We are bombarded by advertisements like billboards whenever we go. Even when we go online or watch TV, ads will still show. Some ads create pressure on men so that they will buy products to increase the size of their penis. Other ads might make a man feel inadequate for his less than porn star performance. Though there are men, who are as hung as John Holmes, the porn star that had a 12-inch dick who starred in a movie entitled, “Deep Throat,” what happens is that a chord is struck to elicit the penile eBay response so a purchase will occur.

Sex sells

The ads that we see may try to brainwash us into believing that there is a need for conforming to high standards. If you take the time to think about it, even with all the gadgets and other sexual aids, it is the desire that turns us on to want to go sex dating.

Recent studies show that people having a healthy lifestyle and feeling comfortable with his or her sexuality, are more likely to think about sex. It’s true that men do think about sex more than women, but not by much.

As wild as a fantasy may be, no matter how unlikely it will happen, a man’s imagination will continue. Despite stereotypes, women might seek casual sex as well. 

While lots of men probably do think about sex with every woman they see, and most men think about sex more than most women. But the difference between the sexes seems less and less important.